Famine Lands Series

In the once fertile Talamh, moans of hunger and desperation permeate the air...

Volume 1: The Carp's Eye

Orin is indebted to a crime lord and Lark rescues him by finding a perfect pearl called the Carp's Eye. That it is a fool's errand is no matter, better to die in battle than starving or enslaved.

Volume 1: The Carp's Eye

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Volume 2: Living Stone

Idola Rah Mabon's daughter Ianna bore many children in her infamy. The terrible tales of Princess Inis follow the young elves as they work for Carendoc Fearg the Enchanter, the Daoine, and against better judgment Mabon

Volume 3: Mareton's Curse

As the famine spreads more people are enacting age old sacrificial rites. Can Lark become the Lady Meadowlark? And moreover can she and her hunters rescue a prince before he is sacrificed to make it rain?