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Sere & ElrosSere & Elros

Sere (Parents Unknown)
Elros Son of Faros and Lellian
Parents of Faros, Lelli, Amian, Rosamund, Andias, Cadias

Sere and Elros are a married couple who run the kitchens in the Lunar Temple on the outskirts of Bunchnoic. Sere came to the temple as an orphaned girl of sixty five and worked in the kitchens. She was very happy there and one day while she and the old cook were in town, she saw Elros, a farmer's son, selling wheat. While her mistress was buying wheat from the farmer, Sere flirted with Elros. Sere told Elros that she loved working in the kitchens, everyone was nice at the temple and she would probably spend the rest of her life there happily. Elros knew he would have to work somewhere-- and kitchen work was no worse then farming-- so he chose to spend his life with Sere. The two were married as soon as Sere turned a century.

Over the last five hundred years, they have cooked for the Temple Priests and raised six children. Sere was pleased that all the children she bore and the children she took in were educated in the temple and went on to live productive lives. Countless other children came for food and a few days comfort but did not stay; for Sere refused to let them fight, steal or be idle. She helped those that wanted help. She did not send children away, but many left on their own. Sere prays for all lost children, but remembers the streets well. Elros knowing that Sere is the reason for his life and is content to take her lead in such matters.

It was after a full day that Elros met Orin Ulthaene. Elros had finished his shopping, and visited with his daughter, then found a tavern. Afterwards slightly drunk, he was late setting out for the temple. Those left on the street were quite unfriendly and began to pull things off his load. Orin happened to be close by wondering if he should sleep that night, or if he would wake up dead, when he heard the shouting. In a moment of pity, Orin decided to help Elros back to the temple with his load minus a " small helpers fee" of two smoked sausages and an apple. Elros didn't even know he was eating them out of the handcart, he was just glad of young man's sword arm. Sere, who immediately understood what happened, helped her husband and the boy inside. And though she knew Orin was not exactly to be trusted, she instantly liked the young scoundrel. She could see he was beyond the age where he would appreciate parenting, but their friendship allowed Orin to have a place of normalcy and a reminder that there are good people in Talamh.