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Ower Dwain TrygvvakOwer

son of Ower Dsait Trygvvak

Husband to Nalia Daughter of Ower Thortian (Formally of Gabhala)
Father of Dorak, Dorian, and Doranna

Ower Dwain Tryggvak is currently Lord Malak Mabon's most trusted advisor and friend. The dwarven clan of Trygvvak has served Lord Malak Mabon for generations. Mabon treats them as the dearest of friends, pays them well and offers them comfortable accommodations in his underground caverns and they are extremely loyal to him. Mabon finds any dwarf who wants one a mate from an outside clan and does not judge if they choose to mate with humans or elf kind either.

When Dwain decided to mate, Mabon contacted the Dwarven Clans of Gabhala for a marriageable daughter. Nalia came to live with him and produced triplets. Though there had never been passion, Nalia and Dwain live a contented life. He looks to her comfort and she appreciates all that he has provided for her. She spent her time raising the children. Now that their children are grown, she spends her time nagging and cleaning up after the Giants who she says are practically children themselves. At times she scolds her husband and even Lord Mabon to find mates for her children as she thinks they should settle down and has pointedly told both that Doranna's mate will come and live in this clan as she worries she might not see her daughter after she marries.

Dwain finds much pleasure in his occupation as the commander of Mabon's spy and assassin network. He is feared among Lord Mabon's men: elves, humans, giants, and other dwarves alike. By their elfin allies: dwarves are often considered loud, uncouth, and drunk which is one of the reasons they make ideal spies. However Trygvvak pays old prejudices no mind, he has led many expeditions for Mabon in his 250 years and he, his fathers before him and his children after are nimble as any elf when it comes to thieving.