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Orin Ulthaene aka Orodherthin (Orin) T'Ralóm aka troll aka troll brain

Son of Lady Nora and Calafas
Brother of Lark and Calthal
Grandson of Lady Aster, Great nephew of Brogan

Orin was born Orodherthin and quickly shortened his name as he did not wish to be named after a bow maker. Due to his obvious interest in warrior training, he was a disappointment to his father. Orin felt an affinity to his mother, but agreed with popular opinion that she married poorly. He hated that he was considered illegitimate and lived in poverty while Lady Aster's other grandchild lived in great stone houses.

After Lark was born, Brogan noticed that he would be a hunter, but his position at the time made him unqualified to train him. So he attempted to have Lord Arna look at Orin. Lord Arna refused to look at any son of Calafas. Orin was often annoyed that Lark tried to tag along with him, but he protected her from bullies and bad dreams. He taught her skills and played games with her that their parents felt were still beyond a child her age, and became the hero in all of her childish tales.

He studied with Lady Aster as well as his mother, but had trouble minding them. Finally after an explosive argument with his parents, Orin left home to study in a warrior academy in Brokham. Orin and the Weapons Master clashed and after a unfortunate incident... afraid to go home to Fhorais Daoine, the adolescent Orin disappeared into the underworld.

Orin began pick-pocketing and acting as a lookout for various small - time thieves until he caught the eye of the depraved Tauril Drochnósanna. He quickly found himself in debt and often in trouble with his employer. However he was not with Drochnósanna for long, Lord Mabon bought Orin who now went by the name Ulthaene and his debt. Lord Mabon seemed to have taken a special liking to the boy due to his exacting bloodlust and lack of morality. Mabon gave Orin the opportunity to do both heroic and horrific acts throughout his late adolescence and early adulthood. However Orin did not have freedom. His propinquity to the world's vices gave Lord Mabon ample opportunity to manipulate him.