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Lord Malak MabonMalak

Myths and Legends surround this ancient and dangerous criminal. For over the past two millennium, Lord Malak Mabon has ruled the brutal gang of Ciarog Crua, based in the town of Mor in land of Nemisalia which is ruled by the High Princess Inis. He never is late with the tribute and she turns a blind eye to his activities. How he rose to power is part fable in the land as is The Princess and Lord Mabon's relationship. Legends tell of his wealthy mother who had bore many daughters and then bore a son, so she visited a dwarven sibyl who claimed the son would reach even greater power then his mother and grandmother. Eventually his hand would stretch out and destroy them both. His grandmother who was to be feared, as she held in her hand the source of all - ran away and Mabon hunted her for years.

It is known he has killed kings and criminals alike with an unwavering hand. Even his harem is legend: not one who has ever seen it dare speak of it. It is only known that it is filled with objects of great wealth and beauty: the most beautiful of all are the three ancient elfin women who reside there. They are known to kill man or woman at the slightest threat to him. Men who have caught glimpses of the women, say they are more ancient then Mabon himself and when their gaze falls upon them, even the bravest man would run.

Another myth is that he can visit dreams and read people's minds: As proof this story is often whispered. A man was hired to assassinate him, but as Mabon read his mind as he came in to town. So he and his women lay in wait for the killer. The women grabbed him and Mabon told him not to speak, but to listen for he had a proposal. Mabon paid the man the fee for the failed attempt, an additional ten percent and in addition offered him on going work, and comfortable accommodations big enough for himself and wife and unborn child. The assassin quickly came to work for Mabon. His first victim was his former employer. Other legends abound...

He is ally to elf, dwarf, human and goblin alike, anyone who will feed his ambitions. And yes if he must dine with goblins, he would eat the flesh of his own kind as it is considered a delicacy and would not wish to insult his guests.