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aka Young Ulthaene, aka Lady Meadowlark T'Ralóm aka Little Imp

Illegitimate Daughter of Lady Nora and Calafas
Sister to Orodherthin (Orin) and Calthal
Granddaughter to Lady Aster and Great Niece to Brogan

Meadowlark was born out of season, and Brogan suggested they put the child in the snow. However Lady Nora and Calafas would not hear of it. Lark spent the first few decades of her life trying to tag along with her elder brother and cousins, singing songs and telling stories, kissing arrows for luck for the hunters who bought them from her father. She adored her elder brother, however unlike Orin who was angry that he was considered illegitimate and lived in poverty, Lark looked at her parents with respect knowing that they gave up much to be husband and wife. She has carries a very romantic version of their story in her heart to this day. Though she'd never admit it; she idolized Orin, and missed him terribly. Calafas grew angry and Lark constantly lived in the shadow of his disappearance. Her younger brother, Calthal, was not interested in playing tracker or herb lore, and Lark was often lonely.

Lady Nora spent many years relentlessly looking for Orin and listening for rumors about her lost son, but she refused to believe that Orin could be ignoble no matter what she heard. Lark, however, listened closely. Only after Lady Nora's death, Lark found the connections. In her travels with Lady Aster and Lord Brogan, she learned Orin's stories and came to understand his deeds. They do not matter to her in the slightest.