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Master Bowmaker of the House T'Ralóm, Former apprentice to Orodherth

Son of Daria the Leathersmith (Unknown Father)
Husband to The Lady Nora
Father of Orodherthin (Orin), Meadowlark (Lark), and Calthal

Daria had fitted many nobles for leather armor, and she often inferred that Calafas's father had been a nobleman. She pushed Calafas to train with Lord Arna. However quite quickly he proved he did not have a stout heart for fighting, but he was good at fixing broken bows. Lord Arna and Lady Aster introduced him to Orodherth. They found such a kinship of spirit that he and Orodherth worked together for many years, even after his apprenticeship had ended.

A cautious man by nature, his one act of rebellion against the will of the village was marrying the beautiful and wild Lady Nora. Even Daria could not forgive him, believing he was over stretching himself and it would only lead to heartache. Only Orodherth stood by the young lovers much to the detriment of his standing in the tribe. However bows do break, so the bowmakers found work.

Calafas built a hut for his family next to Orodherth's and they continued to work together until Oroderth's time of rest. Except the loss of friends,Orodherth never suffered greatly for his kindness to Nora, for she would always bring him rabbits after a hunt. Orodherth was paid for his affection when Nora's first son was named Orodherthin and he named Meadowlark himself since she came out screaming and babbled constantly. It was in that hard winter when Lark was born, and Nora fell ill; that Orodherth knew himself to be a drain on the already limited resources of the Fhorais Daoine. He was a commoner and had lived for nearly 1200 winters. With great pleasure, he could see that his former apprentice had surpassed his own skill; so he laid down in his hammock and closed his eyes never to open them again. His few possessions were left to Calafas.

Though Calafas cared deeply for all of his children, he favored Calthal who loved fixing things. The wildness he loved in his wife, he loathed in his two elder children. When Orin went to train in Brokham, disappeared, and then rumored dead: Calafas was filled with regret and heartache. However when Calthal died in a tragic accident, Calafas never recovered from the loss. A decade later, his wife's death broke his sanity. His last remaining child, Lark, whose resemblance to Nora was once a great joy to him, became a painful reminder of all he had lost and he abandoned her as he delved into his own sorrow.

When he returned he found his Lark, was now Lady Meadowlark, and he, completely broken, found his only solace is in creating his magnificent bows.