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Lord BroganBrogan

Master of the Hunt, Master of the Hounds, Champion and Captain of Lady Aster's Private Guard.

Son of Lady Iris and Consort Drako of Brokham
Brother of Lady Aster / Uncle of Lady Aren, Lady Nora, and Evalya and others
Father of Scout Roan / Grandfather to Nonia (Noni) and Tobias (Tobi)
Great-Uncle of Orin, Lark, Calthal, Healer Nonia, and others

Lady Aster's youngest sibling, Brogan has spent his life serving the House of T'Ralóm. Lady Iris, tired of life, gave him to her eldest daughter, Aster and her husband, to raise. As there was a millennium and five centuries between them, Brogan was often ignored by his elder brothers, though a great favorite among his sisters. He spent his childhood sparring, then serving as Lord Arna's apprentice. He quickly rose to Hunter. He was the Fhorais Daoine's paramount warrior for nearly seven centuries until he lost his leg during a great battle in the South. Though he vanquished his enemies, and protected the treasure, he fell as an arrow cut through his femeral artery.

Aster bound his wounds and brought him home. The Fhorais Daoine, believing he would be a drain on resources, wished to kill him. So Aster quickly promoted him to Champion telling her people that they had lost too many. Lord Arna disapproved of the move, knowing she did it only because she did not wish to lose her "baby brother." Before he could walk again, Brogan's skill with animals and calm temper proved his worth.

Now, Brogan moves as fluidly on one leg with the use of his cane as another man would walk with two. In battle he fights mounted, and can use either hand, often using his cane as a weapon as well as his sword. He has spent the last three centuries tending to the animals and helping train Aster and Arna's apprentices, descendents and his own son to follow the code of the Fhorais Daoine Nobility and the rules of Decorum. There were difficulties as his injuries took opportunities for promotions and political marriage away from him.

His greatest sorrow was that his son was raised illegitimate, but Brogan watched him grow up and protected him as much as his position would allow. He also felt he failed Orin by not doing more for Lady Nora's elder son, before he left the Fhorais Daoine. So though he was often strict, Lark rarely doubted her Great Uncle's love for her.

During the last great war between the Fhorais Daoine and the Northern Goblin Tribes, he accomplished his long forgotten dream when he ascended for service to the tribe and House T'Ralóm. His Lordship was earned by covert missions with Lark which shortened the war and ensured the victory of the Fhorais Daoine.