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Elder Lady AsterLark and Aster

Grandmatron of the House of T'Ralóm, Elder Lady upon Council of Seasons, Head of Fhorais Daoine Military

Daughter of Lady Iris and her Consort Drako of Brokham
Sister to Lord Brogan, Lady Hazel and others
Widow of Lord Arna
Mother to Lady Aren Matron of House Sarralonde, Evalya, and Lady Nora
Grandmother of Galdor, Goldlynda, Arimisa, Orin, Lark, Calthal, Nonia and others
Aunt to Roan and others

Within Talamh, there are no greater warriors to be bought then the Fhorais Daoine Lords and Ladies. Outsiders refer to them as the Hill, Northern Elves or just by their titles: Lord or Lady of the Forest. Outsiders fear them as they are often seen as uncivilized mercenaries.

The Second Born out of Seven, Lady Aster did not yearn for power. However after she married Lord Arna to form a trade tie with another village, things began to change. Her mother refused to abdicate for many centuries and angering her elder brother who eventually cast aside the ideals of the Fhorais Daoine Nobility. It was upon his dishonor, she took over as Matron of House T'Ralóm. Aster is brave and cunning and with the knowledge of over 2,500 winters upon Talamh, she has the gift of farsight. Every act for good or ill is considered only how it will serve the Fhorais Daoine and help the people survive. She has fought in countless wars, her history is bloody, and her name is legend.

Her life has been and continues to be rich. Arna loved Aster with private devotion and considered House T'Ralóm his home and the Fhorais Daoine, his people. He had never known a woman of such bravery and passion, and for over two thousand years they were happily married. Lord Arna served on the Council of Seasons and protected the Great House while Lady Aster brought wealth to the House until his death.

Arna raised the two youngest of Aster's siblings, Hazel and Brogan. Aster was pleased to set up a political marriage to House Choisolet for Hazel who eventually became Matron of that house. Brogan was the paramount warrior of their people until he injured in a battle. Aster promoted him as her Champion and Captain of her Private Guard so he could recover. Still even the most powerful houses in North struggle for survival and Aster's first two children passed on before age five.

Then in a time of plenty, Aster bore Aren who followed the path and ascended. Lady Aren wished to be matron of a house, and they set up an alliance with House Sarralonde. Within two hundred years, Aren and Galen had three children: Goldlynda, Arimisa, and Galdor. Her daughters turned from the Path early, but Galdor proved to be a nobleman. He was favored by Lord Arna who apprenticed him.

Their second born, Evalya, turned from the path when she was around seventy. However though disappointed, Arna and Aster could not bear to lose their daughter to the world. Still only a few of the Great Houses kept servants, so Aster offered her a place as a chef in her own house. Evalya took consorts so a political marriage in the South could be still had if necessary. She bore two children- a son who also was on the commoners path, and a girl, who showed the glimpse of Nobility and a heart for others pain. This girl, Nonia, would follow in the footsteps of the Ancient Healer. Evalya also raised Roan for Brogan.

Aster and Arna named their third daughter, Nora. Her sisters already grown, Nora was often spoiled. No one had seen her equal in battle since Aster herself took to the fields and Nora found satisfaction in serving the Fhorais Daoine. Nora who was ruled only by her passionate love to a common bow maker bore three illegitimate children: Orodherthin, Meadowlark, and Calthal

And as Lady Aster looks upon her lands and many decedents, she is pleased; though troubled about what is to come.